Seyfarth attorneys Pam Devata, Esther Slater McDonald, Courtney Stieber, John Drury, and Rob Szyba are speaking at multiple key sessions during the 2019 NAPBS Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas from September 8-10, 2019. The NAPBS Annual Conference offers a diverse range of educational topics ranging from global screening techniques, strategic business sessions, technology and information security practices, legal and compliance guidelines, legislative updates and what’s on the horizon for NAPBS members, to name just a few. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned expert, there’s content for everyone. Each attendee will be able to take away valuable information and resources to benefit their specific business goals.

*Plaintiff v. End User: Common Litigation Trends Targeting Your Clients
Courtney Stieber, Seyfarth Shaw LLP; Esther Slater McDonald, Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Level: Advanced
CRAs are not the only ones sued for alleged violations of the FCRA and other background check laws. In this advanced level session, we discuss common litigation trends against end users, areas of risk and potential exposure, and how end users (and the CRAs who provide services for them) can help mitigate risks. We explore the most recent case law on disclosure and authorization forms as well as rumblings from the Plaintiffs’ bar, adverse action pitfalls (and best practices), and common claims under analogue laws like ICRAA and ban the box laws.

Tales from the Battlefield: A Primer on Fighting Litigation from Start to Finish
Robert Szyba, Seyfarth Shaw LLP; John Drury , Seyfarth Shaw LLP; Esther Slater McDonald, Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Level: Advanced
Lawsuits against CRAs and background screeners continue to rise. How will litigation affect your day-to-day business? What steps should you take to ensure the best outcome and the least disruption to your business? In this session, we break down the pretrial litigation process, from a complaint’s filing through the discovery process to trial, and the options for successful resolution. We will examine how each step of the process may impact your business and the often-competing goals of maximizing resolution with minimizing business disruption

*Attorney Insights: Your Questions Answered
Pamela Q. Devata, Seyfarth Shaw LLP; Rebecca Kuehn, Hudson Cook LLP; David Anthony, Troutman Sanders LLP
Level: Foundational
A panel of three of the top FCRA attorneys in the industry will bring their collective expertise to address the top six areas of exposure for clients in background screening practices. These experienced lawyers will highlight the litigation and compliances topics that they see create the highest risk for members. This must-attend session will include Pamela Q. Devata (Seyfarth Shaw LLP), Rebecca Kuehn Hudson Cook LLP) and David N. Anthony (Troutman Sanders LLP).

*Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Pamela Q. Devata, Seyfarth Shaw LLP
Level: Foundational
“Hit me with your best shot” — that’s what CRAs are feeling lately. Learn how to say “fire away” and be prepared to defend the newest trends in FCRA and state law litigation.

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